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Friday, October 21, 2011

Talk to the World's Largest Pumpkin

Have you met the world's largest pumpkin yet? Well, now you have!
Meet "Chairy". It's name is Chairy because it's slanted and looks like a chair. Chairy is a puffed-up pumpkin weighing in at a whopp'en 1,818 pounds and lives at New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. After squashing the competition, Chairy got named the largest pumpkin in the world. I wonder what they use to carve it, a chainsaw??


  1. That is one BIG pumkin! How many pies do you think they will make out of that baby!?
    Congrats on your vB honor! I am glad I was able to find your blog. First time here. DO you change your theme with every season?

  2. Funny, I was thinking the same thing as Thomasina above me....pie, pie, pie! Seriously, I wonder if pumpkins that big get too stringy to make good pies.

  3. Hello and thanks so much for stopping by Thomasina and Kristen! I'm glad you found my site too! Oh boy, I bet that would make enough pumpkin pies to last all year! While you're here don't forget to sign up for the Spooktacular Give-A-Way Blog Hop!!


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